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At SHINE, we create sustainability with modern looks. The elegant lights are designed to provide a customer-driven solution with high-tech energy. As India's leading LED light manufacturer, Shine has superior quality and a wide range to showcase. Being one of the best LED light manufacturers in India, it never compromises Customer service and their needs. We specialise in commercial lighting, Residential lighting and office spaces.

Enhance the aesthetics of your Home with our Residential Lights with us.

From the living room, and commercial lighting to office space we provide lighting solutions for all. For your commercial space, we have rechargeable flood lights, LED Street light Manufacturers , LED Flameproof Lights, and many more lighting options. To enhance your interior we have a residential lightning category that includes LED surface panel lights, LED COB Surface Light, Ceiling Light Fixtures and many more options that will combine with your interior.


Our products empower customers and communities to consume less energy and conserve resources. We adhere to our commitment to the environment by producing lighting that saves energy. With an eco-friendly and energy-efficient scope, experience the utmost radiance tailor-made to fit your needs.


Providing high-quality products to our customers is a priority, so we offer a range of options and believe in working hard to cater for their needs. Our range of LED lighting collection is smartly designed to deliver solutions not only in residential & outdoor areas but also in industrial-grade flameproof and commercial sectors.


We have 5 major categories: residential, commercial, outdoor, sensors, and Explosion Proof & Flameproof lights. We design our residential light that will combine with your interior. As a leading LED light manufacturer in India, we have these categories, from commercial lights to indoor lights we have it all. we are the one-stop solution for any lightning needs.

Residential Lighting

  • Redefining Luxury Lighting
  • Luminaires that embrace your living space
  • Radiance that uplifts your abode

Add a touch of bespoke luxury to your homes. Our range of contemporary and modern designs is curated by our team of professionals who ensure the interior elements of your house stand out and give maximum coverage while you save the most. Transform your living space with our brilliantly curated residential lighting, with an amalgamation of design & utility.


Commercial Spaces

  • Innovation in design. Performance efficiency
  • Carefully designed for optimum luminosity
  • Effervescent & Efficient Workplace Lighting Solutions

Workplaces often undermine the importance of lighting. From our range of commercial options, we take care of Industry-curated illumination and provide lighting that creates peak luminosity. Shine's commercial lights are not only sturdy but intended for 180-degree rotation despite the tough climatic conditions of your workplaces.


Outdoor Lighting

  • Combining aesthetic lighting with efficiency
  • Luminaire that transforms your outdoors
  • Radiance that complements your home exteriors.

For lighting that enhances the look of your space. Dive into these LED Lighting options for optimum radiance specifically designed to keep in mind safety and power-saving. ShinePlus puts forward a variety of outdoor lighting collections that complement the architectural design of your spaces.



  • Industry-curated sturdy lighting solutions
  • Luminosity combined with intelligence
  • High Sensibility. Maximal Brightness

By combining luminosity with intelligence, Shine introduces motion sensor lights designed to outclass conventional lighting fixtures. Relish your space to smarter, futuristic lighting solutions contributing to a more secure society.


Explosion Proof & Flameproof Lights

  • Industry-curated sturdy lighting solutions
  • Delivering reliable & weatherproof lighting
  • Efficient & Reliable

Curating industry-grade lighting solutions tailor-made to your needs. Designed with a focus on enhancing your industry, we deliver energy-efficient lighting along with a guarantee of durability.



Yes, we provide different types of residential lighting solutions, including LED bulbs, downlights, LED surface panel lights and many more, that will enhance the look of your interior.

We offer a wide range of commercial lighting solutions, including LED panel lights, high bay lights, LED track lighting and many more products, that are designed to fulfill the unique needs of commercial environments.

Yes, we offer outdoor lighting solutions, including floodlights, pathway lights, wall lights, and many more outdoor lighting solutions, that are designed to provide brightness in harsh environments.

Yes, we are an LED manufacturer, we provide lighting solutions for large-scale commercial projects, including office buildings, retail centres, hotels, and industrial facilities, and can handle projects of any size and complexity.

Yes, we provide flameproof lighting solutions for hazardous environments, including industrial facilities, chemical plants, oil refineries, and offshore platforms, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations.


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Very Good product we are using from last 5 years,Also provided very good technical support by vendor,Overall a very good experience.


I have been using their products for quite sometime (more than 7 years). I must appreciate, is the quality of the product. I am writing this review after I have used the product for more than 7 years. I have installed them in every room of my flat. Really satisfied with the performance and quality.

Shubhanil Banerjee

I m using the products since last 5 years. All are still same bright... Quality is unmatchable... N above all, it's made in India... #Vocal_for_local

Virag Gandhi

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