Trends and Innovations in Chennai's LED Lighting Industry

As a ledChennai's LED lighting industry is an example of innovation, lighting the city's streets, homes, and commercial lighting while reducing electricity bills. we are LED manufacturers in Chennai, we manufacture LEDs for all kinds of spaces from living rooms to commercial sites and office spaces. We manufacture LED lights in 5 major categories, such as residential lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, Automatic sensor light and flam-proof lights.Let’s talk about Trends and innovation in Chennai’s LED lighting industry.


Trends and Innovations

From the streetlights to the interiors of your homes and commercial, Chennai's LED industry is at the forefront of sustainable lighting solutions. One of the trends driving this transformation is the increasing adoption of smart lighting systems.

LED Well Glass

LED Well Glass improves reliability and comfort and LED well glass will consume less energy compared to other lights.

Energy Efficiency:

LED well glass consumes less energy delivers higher levels of brightness, and reduces electricity bills.

Long Lifespan:

LED wall glass has a longer lifespan compared to conventional lights.

Low Heat Emission:

LED well glass generates minimal heat, reducing the risk of overheating and fire hazards

Low Maintenance:

LED well glass requires minimal maintenance due to its long lifespan and durability.

Directional Lighting:

LED well glass is designed to provide directional lighting.

Instant On/Off:

LED well-glass offers instant on/off capabilities.

Technical Details:
Input Voltage:

90 – 285 V AC, 50 Hz

LED Make:


Luminous Efficiency:

130 lm/W

Surge Protection:

6 KV

LED Driver:

Meanwell Constant Current Driver

Driver Efficiency:


Lumen Maintenance:

70% at 50,000 Hours

Colour Temp:





Aluminium die-cast

Working Life:

50,000 Hours


290 mm


160 mm


2 years

Microwave Sensors

Microwave sensors are designed to survive in harsh environments, boast fast response times, and contribute to energy efficiency. With low false alarm rates, long lifespans, and easy integration with smart systems, they ensure your security, comfort, and convenience in different applications.

Fast Response Time:

Microwave sensors offer rapid response times, triggering actions or alerts almost instantly upon detecting motion, enhancing security and efficiency in various applications.

Energy Efficiency:

microwave sensors contribute to energy savings and consume less power.

Long Lifespan:

microwave sensors have a long operational lifespan, reducing maintenance.

Privacy Protection:

Unlike cameras or other sensors, microwave sensors provide motion detection without capturing or recording visual images.

Enhanced User Experience:

Due to automated lighting, climate control, and other systems microwave sensors enhance user comfort.

Technical Details:

PC( UV Proof)

Detection Range:


Power Frequency:


HF System:

5.8 GHz CW radar, ISM band

Transmission Power:

< 0.2mW

Ambient Light:

< 3-2000 LUX (adjustable)

Time Delay:

10 sec± sec to 12 min±1 min (adjustable)


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