Types of Led Street Lights



Street lighting is an essential component for ensuring safer and more efficient nighttime movement of vehicles. It involves the installation of light sources on lamp columns or poles, either alongside the road or within the median, to provide illumination. SHINEPLUS offers a diverse range of street lights to cater to various requirements and applications.

The types of street lights provided by SHINEPLUS include:

1. Basic Glass Street Light

This model offers uniform illumination, providing a standard lighting solution.

2. Robust Aluminium Street Light

With its asymmetric illumination, this model ensures efficient lighting distribution, enhancing visibility.

3. Advance Street Light Model with Dusk to Dawn Sensor

Equipped with inbuilt circuits, this model automatically turns on and off the street lights at dusk and dawn, providing convenient and energy- saving functionality.

SHINEPLUS offers LED street lights ranging from 30W to 200W, allowing for flexible application based on specific needs.

Importance of LED Street Light:

Durability :

SHINEPLUS street lights are built to be long-lasting, ensuring a durable product.

Longer Lifespan :

With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, these street lights require minimal maintenance and replacement.

Energy Efficiency :

Designed to be energy-efficient, SHINEPLUS street lights contribute to reducing power consumption and operational costs.

Better Lumen Output :

The street lights deliver high lumen output, resulting in brighter and more effective illumination.

Dust & Water Proof :

With IP66 Ingress Protection, SHINEPLUS street lights are resistant to dust and water, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh weather conditions.

Protection Features :

The street lights are equipped with overvoltage, short circuit, and surge protection mechanisms, safeguarding against electrical issues.

Advantages of using SHINEPLUS Street Lights:

Reducing Nighttime Accidents :

Adequate street lighting helps to minimize the risks of accidents during the night, promoting road safety.

Improving Road Safety :

Well-lit streets enhance visibility, enabling drivers to navigate roads safely and effectively.

Protection of Buildings/Property :

Street lighting assists in the protection of buildings and property by improving visibility and deterring potential trespassers or vandals.

Creating a Secure Environment :

Properly illuminated streets contribute to the creation of a secure and comfortable living environment.

Discouraging Vandalism :

Well-lit areas tend to discourage acts of vandalism, promoting a safer community.

Application Areas:

Road Street Lighting :

These lights are suitable for illuminating urban and suburban roads, enhancing visibility for drivers and pedestrians.

Highway Lighting :

SHINEPLUS street lights provide effective lighting solutions for highways, ensuring safe and efficient traffic flow.

Intersection Lighting :

Proper illumination at intersections improves visibility and reduces the risk of accidents.

Industrial Area Lighting:

Industrial areas require adequate lighting for increased safety and productivity.