Discovering Kolkata's Best LED Lighting Manufacturers

Modernity meets tradition in Kolkata's dynamic cityscape, and the development of LED street lighting is a shining example of innovation. Urban landscapes have never looked better because to LED lighting's efficiency, robustness, and sustainability. This blog explores the cutting-edge ideas and trends being driven by Kolkata's LED lighting makers, who brighten the city's streets without sacrificing energy efficiency or environmental effect.


Kolkata's Growing LED Lighting Manufacturers

Kolkata, a city well-known for its booming industrial sector, is becoming a center for producers of LED lights. These businesses meet the increasing need for energy-efficient lighting solutions by utilizing sustainable practices and state-of-the-art technologies. Kolkata-based firms are transforming urban illumination with everything from powerful street lights to tiny LEDs.

Put Sustainability First

The core of Kolkata's LED lighting production is sustainability. Cities may drastically cut their energy use and carbon emissions by switching to LED illumination instead of traditional lighting. Additionally, manufacturers in Kolkata place a high value on recyclable materials, energy-efficient production methods, and environmentally friendly products, all of which help to create a more sustainable and greener future.


Combining IoT with Intelligent Lighting Systems

The Internet of Things (IoT) and LED technologies are combining to transform the infrastructure of urban lighting. To produce smart lighting solutions, LED lighting manufacturers in Kolkata are combining data analytics, wireless connectivity, and sensors. These systems improve efficiency, safety, and convenience in urban contexts by enabling remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and adaptive lighting management.

Technical Details:
Operating Voltage Range:



50 Hz

Power Factor:

> 0.95


< 10%


Constant Current

Efficiency :

> 85%

Light Source :


Watt :

135 lm/Watt

Beam Angle :

80 x150 degree

Colour Temperature :


CRI 80 Average Life:

L70 @ 50,000 Hours

Working Temperature :

0 °C to + 55 °C

Working Humidity :

10 to 90% RH

Storage Temperature :

0°C TO + 85 °C

IP Rating :

IP66 (Protected from total dust and High Pressure water jets from any direction)

Input :

Over Voltage/Under Voltage

Protected :

>280VAC with 5-10V hysteresis

High Voltage Standing :

Protected (440VAC)

Output :

Short Circuit Protected

Voltage Power :

Fluctuations/Surge Protected

Application Area:

Highway and roadway lighting Park and Playground lighting Industrial lighting commercial lighting Outdoor security lighting

Warranty :

2 Years

Floodlights That Recharge: An Adaptable Option

LED manufacturers in Kolkata provide rechargeable flood lights in addition to street lighting, which may be used for a variety of purposes like emergency lighting, construction sites, and outdoor events. These lightweight, powerful lights are convenient and adaptable, offering dependable lighting in every situation.

Kolkata's LED lighting producers are advancing urban illumination with their cutting-edge goods and environmentally friendly operations. Through their adoption of state-of-the-art technology, emphasis on sustainability, and provision of adaptable solutions, these companies are influencing the direction of lighting in India. The relevance of LED lighting makers will only increase as cities prioritize energy efficiency and environmental stewardship, paving the way for a more sustainable and brighter future.

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