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Wireless Light Panel


There are lights and then there are Shine LED Recessed Panel Lights. Styled with a seamless design, these wireless dimmable lights feature energy-efficient LED fittings.

SKU : ABCD12458754

Smartly engineered for focused lighting, these lights provide a desirable transformation for every nook and corner of your space. Their dimmable and tunable properties set apart a different mood for your living experience. Meant to transform your spaces into your requirements, you can adjust and modify the intensity of your lights.

Indulge your space in completely radiant panel lights that speak the modern lighting solutions. Capable of adding superiority to your living, these come with a guarantee of high performance and lesser energy consumption.

Key Features :
  • Stylish White Colour, Perfectly Adapted To The Ceiling
  • Tunable & Dimmable light settings
  • Working Time Over 40,000 Hours

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