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Ceiling Light Fixtures


Add an effortlessly functional touch to your homes with these LED Recessed Panel Lights. Crafted with a functional design and compact style, this lighting fixture provides a glare-free and ambient glow to your interiors.

SKU : ABCD12458754

Available in two structures, these lights are easy-to-install and act as ideal power-saving solutions for your housing spaces. These metalux recessed led panel are your go-to lighting fixtures to give your interiors a defined and clean opulence along with spot-free illumination. When added in a series, these lights create an ambience that is inviting and complement any home interior decor.

The panel is manufactured in PDC (High pressure die casting technology) that gives a joint less (one piece) and uniform frame. With a compact, anti-scratch construction, these lights are the ultimate for a series of setup for larger spaces and smooth light distribution.

Key Features :
  • Stylish White Colour, Perfectly Adapted To The Ceiling
  • Height Of 12mm, As Slim As It Can Be To Fix Any Ceilings
  • Isolated Driver With Smart IC, Working Time Over 40,000 Hours

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