Explosion Proof & Flameproof

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FLP Avaiation Lamp

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Designed with a toughened clear glass structure, Shine Aviation Lamp is crafted for emergency lighting with its usage in various different sectors like chemical, pharmaceutical, cement industries & mines.

SKU : ABCD12458754

Built with a highly professional design, aviation lamps are fire & ignition proof and even have double earthing for better internal and external safety. Coated with epoxy powder it is housed with an Aluminum cast that proves to be sturdy for harsh conditions.

Available in two different LED application options, the intensity of this red colour spreads across a wide range of expansive space.

Key Features :
  • Two earthing for better safety-internal & external.
  • Neoprene gasket for trouble free long life
  • External hardware made of SS
  • Blinking / Non-Blinking type

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