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CEAT Limited, part of the RPG Group, is a renowned multinational tyre manufacturing company established in 1924. With a presence in global markets, CEAT has been a leader in the tyre industry. In a bid to enhance customer experiences, CEAT embarked on a journey to revamp its CEAT Shoppe network across the country. One critical aspect of this transformation was the implementation of efficient and aesthetically pleasing LED lighting solutions. Shine Concepts, a leading LED lighting manufacturer under its brand “SHINEPLUS”, stepped in to illuminate CEAT Shoppe outlets with innovative lighting solutions. This case study explores the challenges faced, the solutions provided and the successful partnership between CEAT and Shine Concepts.

The Challenge

CEAT Shoppe outlets serve as vital touchpoints for the brand, offering customers a unique experience. However, the existing lighting in these outlets presented several challenges:

Inefficient Lighting:

Outdated lighting fixtures consume excessive energy, resulting in higher operational costs.

Inconsistent Illumination:

Uneven lighting levels hindered visibility, impacting the customer experience and making it challenging to showcase CEAT's products effectively.

Aesthetic Appeal:

CEAT aimed to create a visually appealing and modern ambience in its Shoppe outlets to attract and engage customers.

Energy Efficiency:

CEAT was committed to sustainability and sought to reduce its environmental footprint by adopting energy-efficient lighting solutions.

The Solution

Shine Concepts, known for its innovative LED lighting solutions, collaborated with CEAT to address these challenges. The following LED lighting products were supplied to CEAT Shoppe outlets:

20W LED Track Light (Bridgelux LED) in RAL 7016:

These track lights provided focused and adjustable illumination, enhancing the display of CEAT's products.

15W Round Surface LED Panel (RAL 7016):

These sleek LED panels offer uniform and glare-free lighting, creating a pleasant shopping environment.

LED Drum Suspended 600mm:

The drum-shaped suspended LED lights added a touch of elegance and aesthetic appeal to the CEAT Shoppe outlets.

LED Metal Radiant Track:

These metal radiant track lights offered flexibility and style in lighting placement.



Shine Concepts meticulously supplied and integrated these LED lighting solutions in CEAT Shoppe outlets across various locations, including Chittor, Andhra Pradesh, Surat, Gujarat, Satara, Maharashtra, Chhibramau, Uttar Pradesh, Banda, UP, Farrukhabad, UP, Lucknow, Faridabad, Bhopal, Bharatpur, Ranchi, Nagar, Kolhapur, Udaipur, Kerala, Delhi, and Ganganagar.

A formalized rate contract was established between Shine Concepts and CEAT Ltd to ensure consistency and quality across all supplies.

The Results

The partnership between CEAT and Shine Concepts yielded remarkable results:

Energy Efficiency:

Shine Concepts' LED lighting solutions significantly reduced energy consumption, contributing to lower operational costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

Enhanced Ambiance:

The revamped lighting improved the visual appeal of CEAT Shoppe outlets, creating a welcoming and engaging shopping environment.

Improved Visibility:

Uniform and glare-free illumination ensured that CEAT's products were showcased effectively, enhancing the customer experience.


CEAT's commitment to sustainability was supported by Shine Concepts' energy-efficient lighting, aligning with the brand's values.

Customer Testimonial

Mr Milind Agrawal, National Manager, of Retail Business at CEAT Shoppe, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration: "Shine Concepts' LED lighting solutions have transformed our outlets. The ambience is now welcoming, and the products are beautifully showcased. We've not only saved on energy costs but also aligned with our commitment to sustainability. Shine Concepts' dedication to quality and innovation has been pivotal in this transformation."


The partnership between CEAT and Shine Concepts stands as a testament to the power of innovative LED lighting in enhancing customer experiences and promoting sustainability in retail environments. By addressing the challenges faced by CEAT Shoppe outlets and delivering outstanding results, Shine Concepts has illuminated the path to success for CEAT Ltd in its journey to provide customers with excellence in every aspect of their experience.

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